3. April 2019

Terms and Conditions

  1. Warranty/Defects
  2. Cancellation of an Order
  3. Incomplete / Incorrect / Damaged Shipment
  4. Consequences of Non-Compliance
  5. Reservation of Property
  6. Severability
§ 1 Warranty/Defects

1.1) DING Electronic GmbH gives a warranty of the delivered products within the period of three years, beginning with the arrival of the products to the Customer.

1.2) The warranty takes effect against all the defects which are proved to have appeared within the warranty period, and the cause of defects should be detectable, for example, material flaws or faults during manufacture.

1.3) Defects must be informed from the Customer timely and in writing with a cause that is detectable.

1.4) Defects will be solved free of charge within a reasonable time according to the Customer’s choice by repair or replacement. In case of replacement, the defective products must be returned without modification (technical / mechanical).

§ 2 Cancellation of an Order

2.1) The order of immediate deliverable goods from warehouse can be cancelled before delivery without extra charge. The cancellation after delivery is expected to a charge.

2.2) Orders with new production from factory can only be canceled free of charge if the material purchasing and production have not started. Otherwise, the cancellation is expected to a charge.

§ 3 Incomplete / Incorrect / Damaged Shipment

3.1) The invoice and the note of delivery will be delivered to the Customer on goods´packaging in paper form and also sent to Customer in electronic form by e-mail.

3.2) The delivered goods and documents should be checked by the Customer at the receipt of warehause.

3.3) The complaints against incomplete/ incorrect/ damaged delivery must be carried out within 14 days after receipt in writing and verifiable to Ding Electronic GmbH. Otherwise, the goods and documents will be regarded as „completely delivered“.

3.4) The complaints will be handled without cost according to the Customer’s choice by replacement or exchange. When exchange applies, the damaged or incorrectly delivered goods must be returned without modification (technical/mechanical) and use(completely new).

§ 4 Consequences of Non-Compliance

For non-compliance with payment deadline Ding Electronic GmbH entitle to terminate all open orders and calculate the annual interest of 8% points over the respective base rate.

§ 5 Reservation of Property

Ding Electronic GmbH reserve title to the delivered goods (reserved goods), until all claims against the Customer from the business relationship, including claims arising in future, also from simultaneous or subsequent contracts, have been settled. For ongoing invoice, the reserved property and all rights are regarded as security for entire balance due plus interests and costs. If third party seizures or intervenes, the Customer has to inform Ding Electronic GmbH immediately.

§ 6 Severability

Should provisions of these terms and/or other agreements be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder. The contracting partners are obliged to replace the ineffective terms with regulations which are the most possibly equal to both parties in economic effect.


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